Build a Lantern


Everyone is welcome to sign up for a lantern building workshop at Miller Theatre to be part of creating the magic of Morningside Lights.

At Morningside Lights workshops, lantern building is a collaborative process — and the collaboration is part of the fun! You may start a lantern for someone else to finish, or pick up where someone else left off to create a work of art that reflects the collective vision of our community.

Each day's workshop activities are a step in the process as our lanterns take shape from idea to final product. See below for our daily menu of activities, but please note the following activities are subject to change based on our progress. No experience is necessary.

Workshops run from September 14 through 20, with afternoon and evening sessions.

Morningside Lights workshops take place in Miller Theatre, which is located on the Columbia University campus at Broadway and 116th Street. The theater entrance is on the east side of Broadway, just north of the University’s main gates.

Arrive at 7 PM on 9/21 to be a lantern carrier in the procession.

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Family Craft Table at the Farmer’s Market

9/21 11 AM - 1 PM
Down to Earth Farmer’s Market, 110th St & Manhattan Avenue

Families with small children can visit our craft table to create mini lanterns to carry in the procession.