About Morningside Lights


about morningside Lights

Morningside Lights is an annual outdoor procession featuring dozens of lanterns built by members of the Morningside community during a week of free public workshops. Students, families, and members of the community are all welcome to attend the workshops and procession.

A co-production of Columbia University’s Arts Initiative and Miller Theatre, Morningside Lights is conceived of and directed by Processional Arts Workshop (PAW) under the direction of Alex Kahn and Sophia Michahelles.

Workshop participants learn the artistic techniques of Kahn and Michahelles, bringing a fleet of dozens of illuminated lanterns to life with an evocative theme each year.


In Memoriam: Sean Mair

In memory of our dear friend and colleague, Sean Mair, who illuminated our park and campus and adored the Morningside Lights community.